Dr Azhar LONDON is a skin specialist and cosmetic products formulator. He matches scientific rigour with a long-standing fascination for traditions of herbalist and uses of natural chemicals. After many years working as a cosmetic formulator in the beauty industry, he decided to develop his own brand of purely natural skincare, made without compromise. That blended the art of working with naturals with the rigour of a scientist. Dr Azhar has 8 years’ experience in developing natural and organic cosmetics. He is also an experienced education, teaching, running workshops on how to develop natural and organic cosmetics, and one to one mentoring, helping clients and students through his unusual skillset; combining cosmetic science, chemistry, research and experience with natural botanicals, to strategy, project management, marketing and general good business sense.

Dr Azhar believes in using natural and organic ingredients whenever possible. However, he makes his clients aware of the costs and limitations of some cosmetic applications with naturals and organics. Dr Azhar LONDON personal care and wellness products are blended by hand using only carefully selected natural and organic ingredients – and absolutely no petrochemicals or synthetic additives.

Aromatherapy, herbalism and reiki have all played a part in the development of our products, which are designed to work holistically – with the person as a whole. This follows our belief that beauty comes not only from the care and nourishment of the skin but also from the emotional and spiritual benefits of plant essences.



Our formulations are helping to change the way people perceive skincare and the results it can deliver. The Dr Azhar LONDON brand balances a serious, scientific, efficacious function with the aspirational appeal of beauty products. This clinical, aspirational balance is reflected in the products, packaging and marketing.

Dr Azhar LONDON drives innovation globally. It is through our global networks we are able to stay ahead of skincare trends and deliver cutting edge formulations reflective of consumer needs.


Formulation essentials

We drew up a list of ‘must-haves’ for our formulations, which include the following:


  • To be effective – holistically as well as practically – and always give good results.
  • Pleasant to use, (in terms of fragrance and feel). We appreciate that our customers wouldn’t want to use a product – no matter how natural – if they didn’t like the smell!
  • Provide a therapeutic benefit. We add plant extracts and essential oils at a percentage sufficient to give a therapeutic benefit (not just to name them on the label).
  • Kind to the environment. All the ingredients we use come from sustainable sources and are fully biodegradable.
  • Cruelty-free. We are totally against animal testing and operate a non-animal testing policy for all our ingredients. We support and are members of Naturewatch.
  • Good value. Most of our products contain 100% active ingredients, with little or no water content. You, therefore, need a much smaller amount than conventional products.


Our Values

First, we believe the purpose of health and beauty products is to make an actual visible difference to your wellbeing or skin’s appearance and not just to appear as pretty packaging on the bathroom shelf. This is why we include optimum amounts of ingredients in our products not just enough to claim it as an active on the label.

Second, we believe that a single measurement is worth a thousand opinions. That is why we do not trade in opinions, but will only offer products with ingredients that have been proven in strict scientific conditions or through hundreds of years of traditional use.

Third, we believe in offering great value and selling with integrity. That is why we provide detailed product information including active ingredients to help you understand the science behind Dr Azhar LONDON and how the products work.



Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic products that include ingredients designed not only to enhance the appearance but to also have a positive physiological effect at the cellular level. They provide lasting benefits and satisfy both beauty and health needs.

Light years ahead of ordinary skincare, Dr Azhar LONDON is not just another range of “fluffy moisturizers” but rather cosmeceutical strength preparations formulated to make a real, visible difference to the appearance of the skin. Dr Azhar LONDON is able to “bridge the gap” between ordinary skincare and cosmetic surgery and that is why many of the results have been compared to cosmetic surgical procedures.

For every skin problem, there is a specific Dr Azhar LONDON solution. The Dr Azhar LONDON range is the most comprehensive on the market, with treatments for almost every major beauty problem from spider veins, puffy eye bags, wrinkles and skin ageing, to pigmentation and even micro-dermabrasion and chemical peels. The range provides solutions that can be used in the privacy of your own home and they deliver dramatic results that require no recovery time, unlike surgery. They are a fraction of the price of a cosmetic procedure while being safe and non-invasive.


“I really wanted to have a different approach to beauty because when I came to America and Korea, they were still heavily, heavily plastic. My goal was always to make the girl look real and look beautiful. It didn’t matter how much makeup. Sometimes it was none at all.”



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