About Dr. Azhar LONDON Academy of Beauty


Dr. Azhar LONDON is an established skin and body care academy. Dr. Azhar LONDON Academy of Beauty (DALAB) is a recognized academy that offers top quality international skin and body care cosmetology education in U.K, Europe, and Asian. The academy believes that cosmetology education is a holistic process that involves the development of skills and knowledge as well as mental growth. The academy is a close working partner of The International Dermal Institute (IDI) of Los Angeles, USA – the largest and leading post-graduate esthetic training center in the USA, Europe, and Asia. IDI is also responsible for the research and development of Dermalogica products, the No.1 choice of skin care professionals worldwide.


EWI educators are mainly industry experts with strong skin & body care and therapy experience. Their practical industry experience including salon management will give students valuable insights into the industry practice, instilling confidence that serves as an added advantage for students especially in building their future success and ensuring their job satisfaction. The academy’s conducive learning environment includes classes that are deliberately small in numbers for personalized attention to individual students.


Upon graduation from the academy, students are guaranteed the opportunity to work and build a successful career with DALAB which has over 70 professional skincare centers in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand.




Come and join the family of qualified Skin Care professionals at DALAB, the leading professional skin care centers in Malaysia. DALAB is committed to bringing out the best in everyone including providing learning, respectful, and supportive work environments.


Joining the DALAB family of skincare professionals opens the door to exciting career growth opportunities including:


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