Champaca/Chempaka is used in fine fragrance, where it confers its sweet, heady aromas and honeyed accents on floral bouquets.

Champaca, while rare in perfumery, is at the heart of signature fragrance by Dr. Azhar LONDON.




Champaca is the flower of an evergreen bush similar to magnolia. The flower can be yellow-orange, red, or white and develops powerful yet refined waves of white flower scent. Champaca is unusual in that it’s a floral fragrance that doesn’t smell too much of flowers. There is something ineffably charming about Champaca – it is rather hard to pin down, but it’s pearlized, milky freshness gives it all the delicacy of the inside of a conch shell. As sensual as clean skin, we highly recommend Champaca as a soft, slightly milky floral oriental that will enchant in even the hottest of weather.


Extraction Method

An essential oil obtained from the distillation of the petals.